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 Paranormal Investigations at Scarehouse

IMPORTANT *The Haunt will be completely shut down and void of all natural abilities. This investigation is based on true paranormal experiences that have been encountered by individuals close to the building.  

Embark on an eerie and exhilarating journey through the old, abandoned warehouse in the heart of Windsor, known for its chilling paranormal activity. This once-bustling storage facility, now a shadow-laden labyrinth of forgotten items and dark corners, has gained a reputation for unexplained phenomena and ghostly encounters.

Highlights of the Paranormal Investigation Experience:

  1. Guided Tours: Led by experienced paranormal investigators, these night tours delve into the warehouse's most haunted sections. Equipped with state-of-the-art ghost-hunting gear like EMF readers, spirit boxes, and you'll uncover the mysteries that lurk within these walls.

  2. Interactive Sessions: Participate in EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recordings, where you might capture voices from the other side. Engage in spirit box sessions to communicate with entities that are believed to inhabit the warehouse.

  3. Historical Insights: Learn about the warehouse's past, the stories of former workers, and why it's become a hotspot for paranormal enthusiasts. Discover the tales of unexplained accidents and sightings that contribute to its eerie atmosphere.

  4. Personal Experiences: Guests often report strange occurrences – feelings of being watched, sudden temperature drops, unexplained noises, and even fleeting shadows. Each visit promises a unique, spine-tingling experience.

Booking Your Paranormal Adventure:

  • Reservations: Bookings are available online through our website. Choose from various tour options, including group tours, private investigations, and even overnight stays for the truly brave.

  • Age Restrictions: Due to the intense nature of the experience, participants must be 18 years or older, or accompanied by an adult.

  • Safety Measures: While we ensure a safe environment, participants are advised to wear comfortable shoes and bring a flashlight. The warehouse, with its uneven floors and old infrastructure, requires careful navigation.

  • Duration: Tours typically last 4-6 hours, with extended options available for overnight experiences.

  • Special Events: We also host special events during Halloween and other occasions, featuring themed tours and additional interactive experiences.

  • Contact Information: For more details or to address any queries, contact our team via email or phone, provided on our website.

Costs:  $100 each for Public evenings.  $800 for private investigation with up to 12 people.  

Times:  Evenings would begin at 9PM and go to approximately 3AM.  Guests should arrive no later than 15 minutes before scheduled appointment.  

Join us for a night of exploration and possibly an encounter with the unknown at Scarehouse – where history and mystery meet. Are you brave enough to uncover what lies within?

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