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  • Enjoy a 90 minute VIP private themed immersive dining experience. 

  • You and your friends will savour over a multi-course meal and then venture thru all 3 of Scarehouse's attractions - Scared Evil -Haunted Darkness - Zombie Maze 

  • Includes VIP Fast Pass Access to: Scared Evil - Haunted Darkness - Zombie Maze

  • Multi-Course Gore-met Menu: Fresh Bread, Antipasto Skewer, Arancini, Gnocchi Alla Norma, Stuffed Panko Chicken, Green Beans, Potato and Affogato Italian Dessert (Vegetarian dish available upon request).

  • $125.00 per person. Table of 4, 8, 12 and 16, required for Cabin in the Woods

  • $125.00 per person. Table of 10 required for Miss Fortune, Mad as a Hatter and Cursed Manor.

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