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What you wanna know?


What is the age requirement?


We aren't parents.  We leave that up to you.  We have 7 year olds that have no problem and then have 22 year old university girls crying.  You tell us what is age appropriate?  We will tell you that it will be gory, it will be disgusting and it will be scary as hell!  Now you decide if you want to ruin your kids childhood.  :) Isnt that partly the fun of raising them?  


Can I get a refund?


Asif.  We are going to scare the hell out of you.  Once you pay and you chicken out, we did our job!  We will laugh in your face if you ask for a refund.  


Where is Parking?


There is almost too much parking.  We have listed all the parking lots here in this map: 



You will see "Official" parking and "Park at your own risk."  Coulters Furniture has the biggest lot and is half a block down from us.  Coulters has graced us with their parking lot after 6PM.  

Do I get Tickets?


Yes.  In fact, don't waste your time NOT GETTING TICKETS.  Its the only way to guarantee entry.  



How does timed ticketing work?


(Reserved in 1 hour time blocks)

Purchase a General Admission Timed Ticket. Reserve your time block and go directly to the appropriate time slotted general admission queue line. Due to the timed nature and limited capacity of these tickets, they frequently sell out, so don’t wait. (Please do not arrive earlier than 30 minutes before the time printed on your ticket. As doing so will only extend your wait time.)  Please allow extra time for parking.   So as an example, If your time reads 8pm on your ticket, this means that you would ideally enter the attractions sometime between 8pm and 9pm, a 1 hour window.  It does not mean you enter the attractions at 8pm.

Please note: With this ticket, you will still wait in line.  This is not a “skip the line” ticket.  This is a general admission timed ticketing strategy aimed at wait reduction by staggering ticket sales.  If you purchase an 8pm ticket, you will enter the attraction before everyone who purchases a 9pm and 10pm ticket, even if they arrive before you.  Although every effort is made to get everyone inside the attraction within their 1 hour time block, it is possible that there could be extended wait times on a busy night.  Regardless, this system saves many hours over a traditional “first come first serve system”. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO WAIT, PURCHASE A FAST PASS.

How long does it take to go thru?


How fast can you run?  


Can my whole group go in together?


Depends on the size of the group.  Generally speaking, we take groups of 4-5 and 6.    


Is there a bathroom?


YES!  New this year we now offer a washroom in the case you just can't hold it any longer.      



Can I get into just Haunted Darkness or the Zombie Maze?


No.  This is an add-on to Scared Evil Haunted House.  There is no line up.  You can just go in at your own leisure.   But you have to buy a Scared Evil ticket first. 

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