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What you can't see won't kill you, said nobody inside Scarehouse Windsor's attraction, Haunted Darkness. 

One of three Haunts to Windsor's #1 Haunted Attraction turns the lights off to give you a one of a kind experience.  This Haunt is an add-on to Scared Evil.  For those of you wishing to extend your experience at Scarehouse Windsor, Haunted Darkness will allow you to immerse yourself into confusion, hyper sensory overload and experience total chaos with the lights out.  This terrifying experience will lock you into a maze of terror where you don't know which way is which.  

There is no line up for this new attraction. You just walk thru the door and attempt to get thru it without psychological trauma.     

NOTE: Haunted Darkness is an add-on to Scared Evil Haunted House and you cant have entry without a Scared Evil Haunted House purchase. 

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